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More than ever our words matter. With our kids, culture and even ourselves. Listen in as we read through Lexicon of Awesome! Observe, reflect, and discern the weight of the words you use externally with others and internally with yourself.

  • R. J Dyson / Life Coach

What if you adopted the mantra, "I'll sleep when I die!" for the next six months with a focus on your project at hand?

Or how about the classic, "Carpe Diem," for the next three months until that deadline?

I'm not talking about killing your body or pushing your mind, heart or soul to an unhealthy breaking point. But instead taking one season of life - with parameters that keep your spouse, family and general responsibilities intact - and giving yourself over to that singular focus in place of movies, gaming, alternate hobbies, side-gigs, distractions, YouTube, TikTok...

What could you accomplish? What sort of joy might you find? What would you learn?

Take a sabbath, for sure.

But, if not now, when?

  • R. J Dyson / Life Coach

"Give yourself permission to write a crummy first draft."

Sometime in 2020 I copied and pasted that quote into a document on the creative habits of author Brad Thor. To be honest, I don't know where I pulled it from (I didn't copy the source) or if it's actually attributed to him in the first place!

That said, it's something I've heard artists of all stripes say in as many different ways.

And it's true.

It's a demo.

It's a first take with the camera's rolling.

It's a sketch.

And if you let it, it'll free you up to keep the momentum going long enough in the flow to release the idea - the sound, the words, the shapes, the image, the scene, the breakthrough design - whatever it is, it's a draft of the better version yet to come, but only if you let yourself push through the "crummy" draft taking shape right before your eyes.

I read my first Brad Thor novel recently. A year or more after jotting down the "crummy" quote above. I'm thankful for first drafts.

  • R. J Dyson / Life Coach

"We're all writing a book. What's your book look like?"

Talking to Joe Rogan, Kevin Hart touched on a theme I've heard other creatives press into, particularly author Donald Miller in his book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing My Life. Your life is a story. What do you want your story to be about?

Let me get more specific in hopes of avoiding your descent into depression and regret - "What do you imagine the rest of your story to look like?"

No. Not your story compared to her story, or that families story, or that creatives seemingly unending flow of stories. Your story.

And no, this isn't a call to abandon your responsibilities, your challenges, your hard work, your actual calling in order to run off with your self-imposed story. This is simply an opportunity to pause and reflect on your current reality and the direction you're headed. To take a breath and grab a journal and write the first draft of a five year plan to discuss with your wife when you're both clear-minded. To accept the hope that exists here and now even when the walls are closing in and the bills are stacking up and the hours seem like they're running low.

Today. Right Now. Without running from reality. Taking ownership of your junk. Accepting the premise that the Designer of All Stories has yet to bring your story here in the dirt to completion...

"What do you want to next chapter of your book to look like?"

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