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The EDGE: It Begins
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What is Compound 40?

Light and Shadow
Light and Shadow

What is Compound 40?

One of the last remaining re-education training centers in the world for students ages 5 - 18. Run by Principal Chicanery, the leader of the Chamber of Trust, Compound 40 is designed to warp...I mean shape...the minds and bodies of "orphaned" children for an intolerant...I mean inclusive...world beyond the compound.

Principal Chicanery Panics

"I will destroy you again!"

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Leaves Shadow
Leaves Shadow

Who are Heschel & Joanna?

Two young Observers, students in approximately the 10th grade,  from very different parts of the collapsing world outside of Compound 40. One from the C.A.R. and the other from Nebraska. Both students come from faith-filled families, tribes with ancient values, and a common desire to reconnect the world with Truth.