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Creativista Coaching


  • Coaching takes place over the phone at your convenience.

  • Safe and secure 45 minute sessions / weekly.

  • You set the agenda and I steer the creative coaching process.

  • Midweek text or email for ongoing accountability and encouragement.

  • Up to three connects per month.

Process & Practices

Partnering with a coach offers the opportunity to step outside of your current mindset and attempt to gain a fresh perspective regarding:

  • vocational and / or personal decisions (big and small)

  • seen and unseen opportunities and the action steps to grab them

  • the myriad of options before you and bite-size plans for moving forward

  • clarifying and addressing obstacles in your path

  • clarifying your Vision, Mission and Values currently & moving forward


Together we'll shift perspective, brainstorm, set goals and take weekly action steps that engage your Vision, Mission and Values for the journey ahead.

As a Life Coach, I offer non-directive coaching through simple tools as you work through the fog of the unknown and the decisions only you can make.

Non-Directive G.R.O.W. Coaching:

  • Goals

  • Reality Check

  • Options & Obstacles

  • Will to act

Creative Habits:

  • Environment

  • Headspace

  • Rhythm

  • Output​

The Blockenhower Paradigm:

  • Time Blocking: Daily / Weekly

  • Eisenhower Matrixing: Urgent / Important

  • List It: Classic To-Dos

The Broadview Triad:

  • Vision Declaration

  • Missional Movement

  • Values based clarity in decision-making.

Brainstorming. Reframing. Open-Ended Qs.

Contact Rich

Schedule a
30 minute Connect

Rhythm & Rate

1 x 1  coach / client phone connect through non-directive, open-ended, and tool-guided professional coaching. 


3 sessions per month (typically first 3 weeks).

1 hour sessions.
Mid-week check-ins for accountability / motivation as desired.

initial sign-up with the flexibility to fit your goals month by month after this period. Have another idea? Just ask.

$335 / month

Or, stand alone sessions as desired.

$125 / session

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