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R. J Dyson | FAQ

What is the Return of the Guide Series about? The world is upside down. Several generations have passed since the global reset spurred on by the Anti-Libertas movement. On Compound 40 two students are mentally and emotionally awakened by a mysterious glow, an orb that guides them to discover the truth. But when Principal Chicanery finds out, things begin to get a little out of hand....


Ultimately, it's an amalgamation of How the Irish Saved Civilization, 1984, and the Book of Acts, only in the future. History rhymes, doesn't it?

How many books will there be in the ROTG Series? I'm scheduled to wrap up the third book by Christmas 2022...after that, we'll see where the glow reignites.

What do you do when you're not writing? Good question. I spend lots of time with my wife and kids which is a huge source of joy on this life adventure. I also spend time in Scripture trying to understand both who Jesus is in the context of divinity and who I am as a disciple and creature made in God's image. I'm a Life Coach for Creatives through Creativista Coaching (link below). Oh and I help layout and design other projects through Absolutely Unprofessional (link below). What do you do when you're not writing?

Do you have any pets? We have stray neighborhood cats that think they own our garden beds. Does that count? I think you meant to say pests not pets. That said, we do have a dwarf hamster named Gimli.

A lot of what you write and reference is spiritual, why is that? Another good question! I believe Jesus is who he modeled and claimed to be. Seems to me that has an all-encompassing impact on everything heart, mind, body, and soul. Almost like the glow dwells in the flesh.

Do you host workshops? Sure. Keep an eye out at conferences for short sessions where I spend time coaching attendees through the GROW model, or workshops on Creative Habits.

Do you have free resources for developing creative habits? Yes! Right HERE! And these aren't just for beginners. They're for anyone looking for the clarity, confidence, and courage to grow forward.

When were you born? Yes.

Do you have a degree in coaching or writing? I have a degree in Biblical Studies. I like to learn, so I continue to study through multiple avenues. In particular, for trusted advising and latest practices I have and will continue to learn from the Professional Christian Coaching Institute. I also read, take classes on, and learn about the writing process from many current authors, editors, and professors. Does that count?

Do you like what you do? Yeah. I'm blessed to be engaged with others on this journey.

If I email you, will you get back to me? I'll do my very best to respond. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee it.



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R. J Dyson is a husband, father, coach through Creativista Coaching, and author of several books, including Lexicon of Awesome, Return of the Guide Series, Create Day Journal, and more.


He's convinced that we’re all designed with the ability to imagine and create with purpose, yet many co-creators wrestle with negative self-talk, misdirection, and life in a victim mindset. To remedy this, he partners with created-creative people, inviting them to discern a vision of what could be, instigate a clear mission with confidence, and act on their unique context one step at a time through healthy habits.​


Married to an amazing woman, together, they're helping their three kids discover who Christ designed them to be and how they can live that out fully engaged in their own pursuits.



Partnering with creatives to connect the dots between life, faith and creative pursuits.

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