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Rake the Leaves

I have a small yard.

And that's a bit of an understatement.

And in my yard, along the back property line, is a small crab apple tree next to a giant maple. As deciduous trees do in Ohio each fall, the leaves come down. And what's cool about my little property is that all of my neighbors' giant oaks and maples are positioned just right so that their leaves end up in my little backyard.

Which means more leaves and larger piles.

My kids love this. I used to love this. And while I appreciate the exercise, and totally enjoy leaf fights, whipping leaves toward my kids, and watching my five-year-old bury herself in them...I'm not entirely motivated at the start of each fall to get out there and move them to the curb for collection.

I like to watch them fall with a hot coffee. Not so much the raking.

If I wait too long, they kill the grass beneath.

If I wait too long, it inevitably rains and they get heavy, slimy, and no fun to play with.

If I wait and it snows then the city will stop collection.

But if I make a plan to get out there on that first evening after the leaves have finally begun to pile up, rally the kids to help, and leave enough space to have fun without stress...well, what could be a yard full of scattered leaves for a month turns into a couple of piles along the curb, some family time, a few games, some green grass, great exercise, a clear mind, and a raked yard.

If I just get out there and rake the leaves, one pile at a time, it'll work itself out.

How are you raking your leaves?

Seriously. How are you assessing the projects around you and scheduling time to tackle one project, one batch, or one leaf each morning until you can see the grass before the next fall?

Don't wait. The leaves aren't going anywhere.

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