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imago Dei & Creating Controversy

One of the things I love about the arts is also a pseudo-controversial one today.

See, I believe that you and I, we’re imago Dei. We’re created in the image of an Eternal God. Considering that we have one source to our lineage, no matter how complex our unique tribe and tongue historical journeys have been, we’re connected. Rooted. Not necessarily in experience, though more than you and I will ever understand. But rooted in being.

And our innate desire to create in our context is the overflow of this ancient journey.

From those ancient drawings in those caves in France. To the massive stone structures at Gobekli Tepe. We create. And when we create and travel and meet and lay down new roots, we share and learn and we adopt and adapt. This is the nature of creating something “new.” This is the nature of creating alongside others who were also made in the image of a creative Creator.

Who or what is inspiring you to create what you’re creating right now?

Who are you flattering with your ideas, designs, and works? Who’s flattering you with the work they're doing inspired by your own?

At the end of the day, there isn’t a single thing any of us are wearing, eating, displaying, driving, utilizing, or being entertained by that doesn’t have roots beyond and before us.

Let’s lean in. Adopt. Adapt. And build.


Wanna spend some time brainstorming, discovering, reframing, goal setting, and clarifying your current creative season or project? Reach out at and let's spend a season exploring together.

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