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More than ever our words matter. With our kids, culture and even ourselves. Listen in as we read through Lexicon of Awesome! Observe, reflect, and discern the weight of the words you use externally with others and internally with yourself.

  • R. J Dyson / Life Coach

I have become less and less inclined to read books that offer a handful of steps, no matter how practical, to success in a given area. Each author promising a series of baby steps divinely guaranteed to make a better: marriage, family, vocation, hobby, home, side hustle, writing style, blog, website, education, sex life, dating relationship, discipleship rhythm, faith journey...

And you know what? Many of these experienced authors and creators and equippers have some really good contextual advice. And they're sharing it! This is fantastic.

But sometimes it's good to simply sit back and look at a painting, walk through the forest or the city streets, read a non-fiction adventure or listen to a record without each step of the artist's journey propped up like a beacon. Sometimes the enjoyment of creating action steps in life is the quiet and slow discovery tucked within a story or a song or a painting or a podcast.

Sure, if we don't take steps to grow and mature and move in faith we'll wither and die. But sometimes a key part of our movement is finding that hidden gem. Are you?

  • R. J Dyson / Life Coach

Check it out! I'm introducing a new Thursday series on the blog.

It involves words. More directly, I'm snagging some favorite words used and abused in my home to coach and disciple my kids. We'll unpack how they build up, stir up and even tear apart a home. Words mean things and as I work my way toward the launch of my new book, A Lexicon of Awesome (spring 2020), I want to share some bits and pieces with you along the way. Kind of like offering you a few tasty crumbs of the delicious piece of apple crisp I'm eating and all the while a fresh pan is in being prepared in the kitchen as we speak.

...unless you don't like the apple crisp, which, if that's the case, we're done here. That said, let's kick this word-fest off at the top of the alphabet. Enjoy.


/ A /

Awesome is one of those incredible words that gets thrown around without the full weight of it coming to bear.

Most times I throw it up like a reflex during one of those lowercase "a" awesome moments in life. Personally captivating? Yep. Awesome defined? Nope.

As reflexes go, I’m quick to toss out a breathy, "That... was... awesome!" when my son hits a slippery patch on the floor between the dining room and the living room and biffs it without warning. Tousled hair. Knees bent in ways the turn the stomach. Is it really awesome? Is that really something to be impressed by? Something that stirs up a genuine sense of wonder and fear and awe in power and might?

Not really.

It’s a reflex. A careless word spit. These moments can be astounding, but they’re not really capital "A" awesome.

Terror, on the other hand, is found at the heart of something awesome. Something so mighty and powerful and wonder-stirring that when I’m in awe I’m temporarily paralyzed, frozen to the gully...


Keep some eyes out for my forthcoming A Lexicon of Awesome: words that build the home (and some that suck the air out of it) in spring 2020.

  • R. J Dyson / Life Coach

The reality is, you and I have options.

Of course our circumstances, good or bad, impact our options, our opportunities and our decisions... but we have wiggle room somewhere. We have those extra 30 minutes in the morning if we would only get up earlier to build that model. We have the time for research and development if we were to shave off the late night gaming. We can invite our kids into the mix and make it a family adventure.

Money? Family? Multiple jobs? Hurt? Haunted by failure? Scared to let go of a good thing in order to dive into a great thing? These are all legitimate elements to process, make healthy plans to engage and overcome the obstacles.

The reason you keep dreaming and praying and stirring the pot of ideas and possibilities and what-ifs? You have options.

So, what are they? What are some baby steps toward breathing life into your options?

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