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Good: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! It's absolutely incredible how much good exists all around, even in the nooks and crannies. It's awesome when we realize how goodness flows through us into our families, friends, struggling neighbors and broken communities. Here's a peek into Chapter Seven of my upcoming book A Lexicon of Awesome.


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I have this good friend in the upper Midwest. He’s one of those guys who carries around a bank of good will everywhere he goes. Everyone who knows him smiles and nods when his name comes up. Of course, like the storybook man that he is, he humbly passes every ounce of good credit on to the Creator. Sounds like something Jesus would have done.

That’s not my default. I don’t naturally haul around cluster bombs of good will towards men. My arms get tired.

There it is. Did you see what I did there? I think it’s something most of us do. Maybe it’s a self defense mechanism. Maybe it’s an attempt at humorous self deprecation. It might even be authentic self discernment. Whatever the root, it’s obvious when it happens.

I’m talking about the suppression of confidence in the goodness God fosters in my own life when comparing myself to someone more picturesque. Of course it’s good to step back and evaluate my own life rhythm in light of those families suffering in the underground church or those freed from the modern slave trade or kids who sacrifice their savings for disaster relief...


Keep an eye out for A Lexicon of Awesome: divine words and destructive sounds in late spring of 2020.

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