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Words From Heart to Mouth

In light of my new book, Lexicon of Awesome: A Melancholic Dad's Spiritual Journey Into A World of Better Words, let's press in on our words for a minute.

Have you ever heard the line, "from the overflow of our heart, our mouth speaks"? (Luke 6) It's one of those proverbs Jesus taught, almost in passing, to a large crowd eager for more healing and food and miraculous happenings. And it follows His challenge to

love our enemy,

be thankful in persecution and struggle when living out divine truth,

share without expecting anything in return,

and do good to those who have no intention of doing good to you.

And remember, the blind can't lead the blind... so discern what you put into your heart and mind. Grab My truth, grace and reality of freedom through faith and sacrifice. Hold My principles of the importance of honoring one another in life, liberty and the pursuit of your creative happiness, deep in your heart so that it might sit on the tip of your tongue each and every day. And then lead.

If the material in our hearts are overflowing into more hatred, bitterness and self-aggrandizement, even on behalf of others, well, maybe it's time for a fresh look at our lexicon and a season of verbal redemption.

Q. Are your words fostering unity, forgiveness, freedom and hope in a better way? Or are you simply finding creative ways to tear others down?

It seems to me that if the 'change' we're clamoring for, and the words we buy into and then offer others fosters less personal freedom and less moral and mature responsibility, but hands more control over to a governing body of ______________... well, we may be feeding the wrong lexicon in our lives.


Check out Lexicon of Awesome, a book about a melancholic dad connecting the dots between life, faith and his creative rhythm of life.

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