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P: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! Yes, Lexicon of Awesome is officially AVAILABLE! And it was written with a purpose. And healthy, reasoned, bold and divine purpose is key to finding fulfillment beyond our current circumstances. How does your purpose invite, connect and heal? Here's a bite of another chapter of: Lexicon of Awesome.


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Do you remember the first time you joined the ancient chorus, asking, “Why am I here?” Not here reading this lexicon, but here in the dirt, here in the flesh. I was in middle school when this idea of purpose, life purpose, crept into my mind and pricked my soul. Purpose, design, reason for being and having and doing.

I don’t know about you, but it’s only now, in my middling age, with the light of hindsight streaming in through the trees, that I’m able to see past decisions in greater detail. I’m more aware that purpose was hiding in the shadows all along. It’s an awesome privilege to catch a glimpse of the movement of a God who is for me and with me and beyond my understanding.

Like when the doctor told me it was severe tendonitis and that the only way to truly care for it was to quit playing the bass guitar, which meant dropping out of school, which felt like failure. “Why? Why me? What’s the actual purpose of life then?” A guttural question from the pit. Of course I hadn’t failed. It’s not as though I had any control over the assailing -itis, and I still don’t, but the loss was suffocating. A dream, an idea of who I was supposed to be, had been eliminated at point-blank range. Orchestrated within my own body.

Isn’t it wild how tendonitis or cancer or a broken relationship can both sink a vision and yet reveal a deeper purpose? Purpose—the reason for moving toward a particular destination, object or goal.


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