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Lexicon of Awesome

A Melancholic Dad's Spiritual Journey Into a World of Better Words

Our words matter more than we realize. They build up and tear down. They point us in the right direction at dawn. They drag us through the muck by noon.

Our words hold the divine power to mold our kids with grace and truth or scatter their spirits like lost puzzle pieces. This isn’t a self-help book with a five step process to better words. No, it’s an invitation into some personal stories, discoveries and Christlike observations for building a better lexicon, knowing you’re not alone on the journey and taking a step toward a more engaging language under your roof. 


If you're a kindred melancholic navigating daily life. If you've ever worked through a season of funk alongside your family. If you're missing the mark with the words you use to encourage, teach, rebuke and lead. Well, you're not alone. Even more important, know that it's not too late to reclaim your lexicon and redeem the next season for a divine lexiconical transformation!

Build Your Own Family Lexicon - Download these FREE Activities Today!

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