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Fruit Trees Produce Fruit

Fruit trees are designed to grow fruit.

Whether or not you believe they were spoken into existence with the intent of bearing fruit or they developed over time to do so, they do. And they do so with purpose.

The fruit of fruit trees are often sweet and eaten by animals and insects.

This fruit often carries seeds within.

These seeds fall, are consumed or carried away and purposefully designed to root and grow. To multiply. And to be fruitful.

When a fruit tree isn't fruitful in an orchard or a backyard, when it isn't doing what it's created to do, it gets replaced. We cut it down. We use the wood for campfires, grills, smokers, and mulch. And we plant another to produce and multiply and sustain us. It isn't personal. It's practical and it's purposeful.

Creatives create. Whether you create one book or twenty. One song or an endless parade of new drops. One play or two or thirty. One design or a showroom filled to the brim.

You're created to co-create.

If you're not creating, why? Yes, you're more valuable than what you create and if you've created what you needed to and you're done, then great! Move on, learn, and grow again. But if you're not done...put it on the calendar for tomorrow. For an hour. Work the muscles and prime the creative pump. Take one step. Produce the fruit you ought to produce.

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