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Melancholy Creatives

Bandcamp is about touching on real life band habits, struggles and practices while attempting to connect the dots to our own experience. The questions and suggestions stirred up are intended to help us evaluate our own situations and take steps toward creating a better rhythm of band life.

What better place to start than in your own mind.


Melancholy isn't a form, mode or scale of depression. Throughout history many creatives have either possessed the personality of the melancholy OR pressed into a depressed mindset. And yes, one has a tendency to feed into the other.

But it doesn't have to.

If you're melancholic, sure, you may be more inclined to be somber, to be reserved. If this is you then research it, grab some insight on it, pray about it, meditate on the tendencies and traits that shape who you are and how you're wired. Not only will you grow in depth and insight, but you're creative work will too.

On the other hand, depression robs. It may foster some great art in a season, but ultimately it robs us from deeper truths about our mission, worthwhile observations about our craft, the joy of the journey and deeper relationships with those in the band and on the team.

Q. How do you navigate your melancholy? Are you pressing into your faith, hope and love? What are you doing for personal growth and health?

Q. How do you allow your personality and all its traits to impact your band, team or tribe? Are you building them up or tearing them down? What are you doing to be self-controlled and clear-minded in the creation process together?

Q. What habits have you put into place for a healthy daily journey? Internal reminders, prayers and recitations? External cues, triggers and actions?

Q. What one thing will you act on today to create with greater clarity and health?

Depression, funk, unrelenting angst and fog, suicidal thoughts... if you're living this internal wrestling match, no matter how creatively fruitful it might seem, don't stay there. Reach out for some accountability, professional help, spiritual guidance etc.

On the other hand, if you're simply prone toward melancholy and the infinite stream of sadness... take time to understand it, put it in it's place, clarify your strengths and weaknesses, invite others in to who you are and how you process, and then go create with greater ownership of who you're designed to be.

Maybe these Q's aren't for you, but you can see it in your band. How can you honor their wiring? Help them understand themselves and what they offer? Offer them some breathing room or help?

Sign up to this blog for the next Bandcamp. Let's keep building together.

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