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Message Inside the Music

In this week's Bandcamp I want to push you on your message.

Are you a party band?

Are you a musical political action committee?

Are you bringing a message of faith and hope to the world?

Are you all about relationships and daily life and blue-collar struggles and family issues?

My gut tells me you're a mix of these. I guess that's being human, right? We're designed with a range of experiences and emotions converging into one heart and mind and soul and voice. There's something honest about starting off as a band sharing one message while growing into new seasons of music and message along the way. How are you fleshing out yours?

Q. Do you know where you're headed? Do you have a vision of where you want to go and who you want to be?

Q. Are you clear about your message? Do you want to be? What can you do to learn the bones of an issue, belief, topic or event in order to share your thoughts and stories clearly with others?

Q. How is your band participating in that message? To what degree are you all invested? Not invested? Is there unity in what you're about as a team?

Q. What do you want share with your tribe, circle and the world? If you had one message to share this year, what would it be? Is it unifying, hopeful, larger than life, challenging, comforting? What's stopping you?

In reality, most of us are winging it. Song by song. Album by album. One idea at a time. Sweet. Whether it's for the mission of the band or the message of a single song, how can you dig in a little deeper?

If you're looking for some outside coaching on mission and vision, brainstorming and action steps, let's connect. I'd love to partner, helping you to lead your band into a season of greater clarity and success.

Ideas for a future Bandcamp? Shoot me a message.

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