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What's Stopping You?

In this week's Bandcamp we're asking: What' stopping you?

Wherever you're at in your current project, your career or your process - what's stopping you from taking the next step toward your goal? Let's throw a few questions on the table and explore this.

Q. Is it internal? Have you stopped the creative process because your heart, mind or soul is unsettled, struggling or simply hit what feels like an insurmountable obstacle? How are you going to pinpoint this internal struggle, address it and get back to creating?

Q. Is it external? Are you wrestling with band-mates, business, finances, work, social or regional issues, family, equipment - there are an endless number of external issues, obstacles, distractions and even options, aren't there? How are you going to narrow down the top three external issues stopping you from moving forward? How will you respond to each?

Q. When will you pick that song, canvas, film or story-line back up?

Q. What can you begin or continue praying about, meditating on and journaling through?

Q. Who can you seek healthy, unifying and ultimately wise advice from?

What's stopping you? Is it a break? Is it much needed rest? Or did you give up, lose your focus and give in? Make some coffee, think it through and take one bite-size step forward.

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