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You Know That You Don't Know

In this week's Bandcamp we're asking: What is it about navigating band life that you know you don't know?

Know what I mean?

Have you ever sat down with a journal, a pen and a hot coffee or a cold beer and honestly jotted down all the questions you have about making the band work?

From dealing with micro-power struggles among members to financing a van-tour. From knowing when it's time to track your songs to investing relationally with your tribe. From travelling while trying to support a family back home to creating healthy boundaries in place of the 'rock-star' lifestyle. What are you navigating well? Where do you need to realize, accept and / or admit that you're not sure how to take the next step?

Ask yourself a few questions. Jot down some thoughts, answers and more questions. And then begin to work the list. One intentional action at a time. Let me toss out a few primers:

Q. What do you know or feel you're doing well at as an artist, musician, band?

Q. What do you think you're doing well but not seeing the growth or response you'd hoped? What are your options for taking a fresh approach?

Q. What topics, issues, decisions do you regularly find yourself avoiding, anxious about or frustrated by? Be honest. Be specific. How will you address each one? Who can you learn from?

Q. What topics, issues, decisions does your team / band regularly get hung up on? What can you do OR who can you talk to in order to discover fresh insights and alternative options?

Q. What have you been power-grabbing in the band despite your lack of knowledge, experience or interest in overseeing? How can you step back, release and invite others into more ownership?

Q. What else? What else don't you know that you should know?

A quick tip: "Be slow to speak in this process, and quick to listen for wisdom and insight."

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