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Omnidimensional: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! Life happens all around us. Seen and unseen. Spiritual and in the flesh and soil. And we experience it all through different perspectives in different seasons of life. Our lives are omnidimensional. Here's a bite of another chapter of my forthcoming book: A Lexicon of Awesome.


/ O /

Do your kids have ideas? Like, dozens of ideas? Per day? My kids have a million. Ideas about their future vocation; inventions waiting to come to life; adventures that need to take shape tonight; parties that need to be hopping; games that haven’t been created yet; foods that would taste great if applesauce were involved; ways God could reveal Himself to us on a hike in the forest. An endless multitude of ideas.

As a dad I have the honor of nurturing these lightning strikes. I get to foster space and time and talents, omnidimensional elements of discovery. I get to speak both the gritty reality, “You’re not quite ready for that yet,” all the while saying, “You’ll never be ready if you don’t practice and discover and research and fail and get back up.” Multi-directional love through guidance.

Encourage, yet reign in.

Challenge and invite.

Chisel off the rough edges, then polish the talents and abilities and divine gifts.

Prepare for doomsday while helping build bridges to all those others.


Keep an eye out for A Lexicon of Awesome: the melancholic's journey to a better world of divine words in the fall of 2020.

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