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Joy: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! We've got to be tapping into joy. We have to grasp it even under the weight of a pandemic. We need to close our eyes and see it, smell it and be with it. And we need to share it, too. Here's a peek into another chapter of my oncoming book: A Lexicon of Awesome.


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What’s interesting about joy is that it seems to be connected to something beyond us, like a Joanna. Joy wells up at the thought of being somewhere or with someone desired. It engages our expectations and is impacted, to all sorts of varying degrees, by fear and hurt and anger.

The first time I read through the stories of Jesus I had no particular expectation one way or the other of how I would think or feel afterwards. While joy was growing around the edges, fear was folding in like yeast. I think I was scared to believe in something holy. A Creator who knew me in the womb, set parameters throughout the universe, breathed the life of the Spirit into my gully and could rescue me from my doom and despair.

The same was true when I picked up the bass guitar. No, I didn’t think that old Yamaha was all-powerful, but I did fear it a little. I think I feared the expanse of possibility more than I understood its potential for joy.


Keep an eye out for A Lexicon of Awesome: a journey of words for the melancholy in summer of 2020.

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