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Hope: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! There's a huge range of responses to Covid-19 right now, from: confused to unaware, prayerful to depressed, patient to angry. It's timely, then, that this vital word in our personal lexicon is about looking ahead on purpose. Hope offers a wild ride, doesn't it? It pulls us forward, through seasons unknown and at times unwanted. Here's a peek into Chapter Eight of my upcoming book on words, family and overcoming depression - A Lexicon of Awesome.


/ H /

When I feel like a failure in my vocation, that attitude spills over onto my kids as they attempt their homework. They begin their task with confidence and joy in the challenge until I show up deflated, open my mouth and begin to speak the tongue of Mordor. Yeah, you know what I mean, don’t you? Those hurtful and completely unhelpful groans of  “ought to” and “should have” and “why didn’t you.”

Hurt people, hurt people.

Yet, and this is a huge yet, when I recognize this bloody mess for what it is and press all the more into the forgiveness birthed on the cross I’m able to keep an eye on the shifting surf, look to that bandera drawing me upward, recognize the rampant emotional waves crashing in, and step forward in deep breath and solid stride. Hope invigorates for the swim and refreshes for the marathon. I think this is part of Christ’s ongoing work of restoration. He absorbs the cosmic waves hurling through my emotional space somewhere out there while washing off the salty residue from the unwarranted crash right here. Hope inspires endurance, overflows from faith and acts in humility.

We can be “confident of this, that Creator and Healer God, who began a good work in you and me, that He’s going to see it through to completion.”

There’s hope in those waves.


Keep an eye out for A Lexicon of Awesome: an upward shift in words for the downcast in early summer of 2020.

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