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Funtastic: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! If you're kind of interested in the power of words and sort of intrigued by their impact in the home, well then, here's a taste of Chapter Six of my upcoming book A Lexicon of Awesome.


/ F /

I know, I know, funtastic isn’t a word. It’s one of those amalgamations combining two pretty darn good words in the creation of a Franken-term that expresses something unique. I think I understand the need to recreate something new out of the old in order to express something that feels inexpressible. I think most of us know what this is like.

So, instead of disparaging a word as charming as funtastic, let’s explore the root words and see where they take us. Who knows, maybe we’ll walk away merging and melting together a host of new expressions unique to our own experiences. New lexicons in full swing.

Fun is a Jekyll and Hyde word. I can go out and have fun with my wife or I can go ahead and make fun of her. I can enjoy her in one of her fun moods or I can ratchet up a disagreement for a real fun evening together. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something unsettling about that sort of real fun. Ever been to one of those real fun family reunions? You know, where it’s not the sort of fun it ought to be?


Keep an eye out for A Lexicon of Awesome: words that build and wreck under our roofs in late spring of 2020.

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