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Doomsday: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! Here's another short clip of Chapter Four of my upcoming book about words building up and tearing down our homes, lives, faith and creative pursuits.


/ D /

Discernment isn’t a word used around town all that often. It’s such a deep word, too. When was the last time you heard this particular word used at work or from a politician, a doctor or pastor? How about from your own lips in response to your kids?

Discernment is that divine ability to judge well. It roots deep and vines into healthy decisions and dreams. Like wine it has lingering notes of wisdom and truth with an elusive yet divine warmth woven throughout.

If you’re not aware by now I’m a dad. I love being a dad. It’s a role that I find challenging and terrifying and righteous. Some days I fall asleep knowing that I nailed it. I put my head on that bamboo pillow beside my bride and know that I passed-on all I had to offer that day, either through the joy of a teachable moment or the discipline of an off-the-mark-decision. Then there are nights I collapse in a heap after a day of short fuses and shorter vision. I lay there wondering why I was given so much power and influence with so little ability.

Discernment rests on a foundation of divine truth.

It cuts through the noise.


Looking for more? Keep an eye out for my forthcoming A Lexicon of Awesome: a journey through words that shape a home in spring 2020.

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