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Bandera of Dreams: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! Here's another snippet of my upcoming book on key words that do what only words can... encourage, build up, tear down, confuse and clarify.

Words mean things and I'm convinced it's super vital to choose them wisely under the roofs of our homes.


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Have you ever had to hold up a dream for someone? Nail it to a pole and wave it back and forth so they can see it clear and alive, far above the fray?

When my kids were learning to walk, each in their own season, this was our job. Brooke and I sat them down on the floor, stable and strong, then we’d jog to the other side of the room and begin to wave, shouting, “Come on, little lady, you can totally do this!” New adventures have to begin somewhere, like all of my kids learning to crawl before standing upright. Before we knew it, at some point along the journey, she took ownership of the goal, the dream to walk, and we no longer needed to wave the bandera so high.

You’ve never heard of the bandera of dreams?

Bandera is spanish for flag or banner. More loosely it’s the various colors on a flag that represent an idea, a symbol for something else. The bandera of dreams does just that. For my kids shuffling around on their knees all day long that bandera symbolized walking. Of course, it was also my dream for them, so I waved it high fully aware of the freedom they would have if they chased after it.

Christ does this. It’s part of what draws me to Him. “I am the way to absolute rescue. I am the truth of it all. I am the real life.” Christ is The Bandera of all banderas...


Keep some eyes out for my forthcoming A Lexicon of Awesome: words that build the home (and some that scramble the alphabet) in spring 2020.

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