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What Happens When You Name It & Claim It?

I'm not a "name it and claim it" sort of character. That if I imagine it, say it out loud, journal it, share it with others and expect it, that it will come true.

Faith is important. Faith in God, faith in those we trust dearly, faith in our most discerned, tried, and true foundations. Faith beyond the material.

Hope is vital. Hope grounded in reality: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Hope in what is good and true and pure and that we would have a place in it. Hope doesn't come natural for me either. I have to seek it out in Scripture, in history, in stories, in dreams...

Perseverance is key. To push long and hard toward a singular, wise, and credible goal (no matter how unlikely).

And all of this wrapped up in a picture, an image, a vision of what could be if I would only remain faithful, hopeful, and perseverant.

Name it? Absolutely. Clarity is important.

But who knows if it'll work out. And if it does, be grateful. If it doesn't? Well, what can you learn from it as you move toward your next goal?

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