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Three Minutes for a Days Worth of Success

Want to both feel productive and be productive?

Create lists.

Doing the bulk of my work from home is both a blessing and a curse. I'm super grateful, both as an introvert and a as a husband and dad, that I'm home to share early coffee and cereal with my kids before school and flexibility in my schedule for family events. It's a huge blessing. Genuinely a divine gift in this season of life.

But it also means I'm stuck with myself for long stretches within these old American Four-square walls. And too much me time isn't always an ingredient for productivity.

So, I create lists.

Sure, I have my big ole bandera of dreams list written down. You know, those purpose-filled dreams, that calling I'm led to pursue as the great vision.

But I'm talking about the dailies and weeklies. Even if this isn't your cup of English tea, try this on for the week. And then do it again next week with a fresh list. Even if many of the To-Dos are the same, write them down. Paper. Black-board. White-board. Google calendar.

  1. Key goal(s) for the week. "I want to wake up Sunday morning having accomplished __________." One, two or three vocational, personal, social or spiritual goals for the week. SMART goals.

  2. Today's bite-size necessities. "By the end of the day I want to fall asleep knowing that I ____________." And put it all down. The more items checked-off, the more productive you'll feel and the more motivated to keep knocking them off the list. From making coffee to final recordings. Scheduled lunch to home repairs. From that chapter you need complete to doing the dishes.

Create lists.

Some of you are already stressed out at the magnitude of the possible list. Put it all down and then start with small, easily achieved items. As you go, roll that snowball into the bigger ones. If that doesn't work for you, do it in reverse. Tackle the big items ASAP and let the day wind down with the simple tasks and texts.

Either way, you'll appreciate the glorious sight of scratched off items as the day goes on.

Sketch one up for the rest of today. It'll take less than three minutes. Three minutes for a days worth of success.

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