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The Specialized Generalist Approach

No, I'm not suggesting we specialize in generalities. Though there is something to say about a general handyman or woman.

Specialized Generalists work to grasp a particular skill with a particular set of tools.

But they don't stop there.

One of the notes from the ancient apostle, Paul, if I can borrow from the context for a minute, was a call for his followers, those who chased after the way, life, and truth of Christ, to "become all things to all people."

This wasn't a call to shift identities and claim titles and roles they didn't have, but instead, on a deeper level, to mourn with those who were mourning, to celebrate with those who were celebrating, and to teach those who were hungry to learn, and to eat with those who invited them to meals, and to work as craftsmen alongside those who were craftsmen, etc.

Yet through it all, they were to be specialists in regard to evangelism (messengers of the good news). To own their craft of teaching and equipping well. And then, on top of that, to generally understand how to meet people where they're at.

Artists? Studio musicians? Singer-songwriters? Authors? Designers? Engineers? Own your craft well. Know it inside and out.

Then learn the tools and skills just beyond your field that might be helpful to others looking to grasp your work.

Then step out even further for a healthy grasp of the social, organizational, relational, and professional tools and skills that will not only help you connect with others but build others up as you go.

Are you a Specialized Generalist?

It's not too late. Take one step deeper into your craft. Then take one step further afield. Then repeat.

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