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Forget Forgiveness

...and ruin the next season of your life, faith and creative pursuits.


Forgiving ourselves of past wrongs, bad decisions, indecision, sins we've engaged in and wounds we've caused allows us the heart, mind and soul space to discern where we are and where we're headed with clarity and humility.

Asking for and accepting forgiveness from and of others will tear down those invisible, spiritual, emotional barbed-wire fences we've put up. Forgiveness builds healthy bridges for greater joy and fruitfulness. Not only for us, but also for those around us intimately and in passing.

And adorning the forgiveness of Creator God redefines and re-frames our entire journey forward as well as our view backwards. It's a forgiveness that embodies the core of the Christmas spirit.

Forget forgiveness and we can forget about healthy growth in life, faith and our creative journey.

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