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Decide, Don't Demand

I'm good at demanding.

It's easy to demand.

To demand that my schedule work out a certain way. To demand that my kids act or respond a certain way. To demand that a project turn out a certain way. To demand that my faith develops in a certain way. To demand that the world around moves and grows and understands and evolves in certain ways.

In reality, it doesn't work. And even when my demands are met, it doesn't work for the long run or for the betterment of my family, career or faith. It's selfish and it's destructive.

On the other hand, when I decide... when I decide to arrange my schedule; when I decide to journey alongside my kids as a guide, protector, leader; when I decide to engage my faith according to words of my God; when I decide to enter the world standing firm on my values, principles and pursuits... well, my decisions reach further with greater impact and eternally more joy than my demands ever will.

Are you demanding or deciding?

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