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Balance Like Our Life Depends On It

I think most of us have this notion that living a balanced life is generally a good rule of thumb. I also think that most of us don't attempt to actually create any sort of balance in our lives and that some of us, based on uncontrollable factors (like cancer and virus' and crazy uncles), simply can't for a season.

Even more, I think that most of us imagine life balance as a new-agey sort of remedy for those who can't handle the burden of real life. That life balance is for those with money laying around, thirty-one pairs of yoga pants in the walk-in closet and white linen robes made by someone named Glee.

Life balance is actually pretty gritty.

In fact, get rid of the phrase "life balance" and we're left with the same desire: "I want more time to do the things I love, with the people I love for the greater good of my purpose and design... and less of the pain, frustration and struggle."

At Creativista I decided to use the tagline "connecting the dots between life, faith and creative pursuits."

Life: personal elements of a life rhythm beyond vocation

Faith: system of belief (mine in Christ) that speaks to our entire being

Creative Pursuits: chosen art-form and related mission, vision and actions steps

Sounds simple. Sounds cliche. Sounds pretty.

But balance only really matters in light of chaos and calamity and confusion (like what I did with the C's there?). When life is smooth and easy, balance is just, well, like anything that's normal it's taken for granted. But when a virus takes over our economy, social life, vocational rhythm, travel plans, time with our kids, study rhythm etc... now that's when balance matters.

Think of it like this: When all three - life, faith and creative pursuits - are in working order, when one crashes for a season then all of life doesn't tank along with it. We have two healthy systems to support us in the meantime. That's it. It's that simple.

We don't shoot for balance because it's part of the modern zeitgeist. No, we shoot for balance because in fostering healthy rhythms in all areas of life we're setting ourselves up for healthier falls that inevitably arise.

How are you attempting to find some sort of balance in your life, vocation, family rhythm?

What strain are you experiencing this time around? How are you comforted in other areas in the meantime?

Are you ready for a shift in perspective, mission or balance? Let's talk.

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