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Wear the Jacket

I'm not in on the whole "the clothes make the man" deal, but I get it.

I have not and cannot engage in a coaching session in my pjs, even over the phone. And when it comes to my writing blocks, alone at my desk, either early in the morn or late at night? Dressed and ready for the day. And all the more with my writing blazer on.

The blazer is a symbol for both the project and the process.

It's part of the environment.

And it's a line in the sand separating my time out there doing life, and my time in here creating in flow.

I didn't grow up wearing sports coats. I'm much more comfortable with flannels and flip-flops and t-shirts and my ratty old Menard's two-pocket waist apron for projects around the house.

And while the blazer isn't some magic token that'll grow my coaching business beanstalk to the heavens...

It seems to me that sometimes I (you as well) just need to accept the eccentricity of a creative mindset shift and wear the jacket. Create. Move on. Then do it again the next day.

Does the jacket make the man? Maybe not. But it does seem to signify a scene change.

Mr. Rogers modeled this pretty well. How about you?

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