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Middle, End, and Begin Well this Christmas

If you're in the middle of a project, I mean, right in the thick of putting this thing together... be sure to pause, break, rest and spend time with the family you've committed the rest of your life to. Your creative pursuit, no matter how on fire you are or how demanding the season, it's still only one piece of the small pie that makes up who you are. Take time to share in the lives and pursuits of those around you this Christmas season.

For those of you at the tail end of a creative pursuit - you know, wrapping up that book, track list, conference circuit, design project, etc. - before diving into the next season, take some time to reflect on the journey. What are you thankful for? What did you learn from the setbacks? And look ahead as Christmas and the new year dawn. How can you shape your schedule to invest in the ones you love, the people who make up a significant portion of your life? The ones who support you in your pursuits? End well. Celebrate well.

Now for those at the start of a wild ride. Some of you are diving into the Christmas season with a condensed focus on worship, a tight schedule, and the stress of an unchangeable deadline - no, there's no backing out. You're committed. It's an honorable weight to carry. Two things: first, find time for meals, advent, and a refreshing act of service with your family and friends before the season passes; second, when all is said and done, celebrate and sabbath.

For those of you diving into new projects that stretch beyond the boundaries of the Christmas season, I'd challenge you to follow suit. Don't let the new journey enslave you. Discern your schedule, practice self-control with your creative rhythm, and clarify your values in light of all the pieces of the pie of life. It's your life, shape it. Own it. Honor the breath of life breathed into you for this season. Honor those Creator God put in your life, the ones who love you and are travelling with you.

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