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Killjoy: Lexicon

Happy Lexicon Thursday! It's only logical that after a short focus on joy we'd try to kill it. We don't want to kill it, right? It's just that we tend to Tommy Boy it like a dinner roll at the expense of innocent bystanders. Here's a peek into another chapter of my oncoming book: A Lexicon of Awesome.


/ K /

Ever spend time with a killjoy?

Sure you have. They have the opposite effect of the kindness sun drawing into its orbit, they propel you outward beyond the great spiral of the galaxy. It’s uncomfortable to be around someone who seemingly goes out of their way to let you know that the new car you just bought is actually number two on the list of worst cars ever made. Or that the story you just wrote would probably flow better if you overhauled the main character and the plot. Or that the meal was great but too much salt is the signature of an unskilled chef.

Killjoys are a dime a dozen. Seriously, we’re everywhere. It’s easy to be. I’m a recovering killjoy. Everyday I look for my bandera of dreams, shake off the victimhood, tone down the critic in my gully and attempt to step out with kindness. It’s a struggle, though becoming less and less so everyday.

Here’s a little secret about killjoys, we don’t like being around ourselves either.

What’s interesting about shaking off the kill from the joy is that kindness is kryptonite to this character disorder...


Keep an eye out for A Lexicon of Awesome: a melancholics journey into a better world of words in summer of 2020.

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