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Through the Bible

A Year in the Word Journal

Through the Bible: A Year in the Word

3 Cover Designs: Dawn, Day or Dusk

Time in Scripture rewires our hearts and minds. It impacts how we view the world around us. A daily time with God encourages, engages and empowers us to trust His promises through the muck, the mystery and those moments of absolute joy.

With permission from Tyndale House Publishers we've adapted their reading plan into a Discipleship Journal.

Here's how it works:
1. Read up to four passages for the day.
2. Jot down notes, thoughts, etc.
3. Note your prayers.
4. Hold yourself accountable with actions.

Pick one up for yourself and for those you're interested in journeying through the Truth alongside. Complete it in a year or cut the readings in half and stretch out your time with God.

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