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Adopt the Flood

Floods change things.

They change the landscape. They alter the shape and movement of the river. They redesign the riverbanks. They dig in deep and they deposit sediments and debris in odd places.

Floods are inevitable. And often disastrous. But they don't have to be.

In fact, to the best of our abilities, we can prepare in advance for a flood. We can build appropriately along our river. We can erect supports and dig overflow channels. We can have help on standby. And we can simply be aware of seasons that might require our attention more so than others.

And of course, we can learn from the last flood, or another's flood experience, and take appropriate steps too, right?

Our projects, teams, and schedules aren't much different. The life of a practicing creative is one that's preparing for the flood.

The flood of ideas.








Whatever it is, part of the role of the working creative is to observe and prepare. To set boundaries: creatively, vocationally, personally, financially, spiritually, etc.

No, this isn't about living in fear of the flood, after all, you might find yourself in an endless drought. But it is about adopting the flood mentality.

Besides, if you're going to live by the creative river, you've already jumped into the fray. Now it's just a matter of how serious you're willing to take your role and your work.

Adopt the flood mindset. I dare you.

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