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Habit Journals


Study Journal

Reading, studying and general note-taking are key aspects of personal, vocational and spiritual growth. Create a study habit with this Study Journal as you Observe, Interpret & Apply what you're learning. As you journal you'll take note of the 5 Ws and a few vital questions for putting your studies into practice. 

Pick one up for yourself, for you kids or those you're interested in sharing the journey with as you dig in. Oh yeah, it's designed for repetition and memory. As you develop the habit feel free to order another Study Journal or just pick up a few Mead notebooks.


Create Day Journal

Creating a creative habit can be as easy as diving in and as difficult as wishing you'd started writing that book five years earlier when you meant to. The Create Day Journal is all about creating headspace (one of the four key components for daily creativity). Before you attempt to dive into your creative space spend a few minutes setting the stage with this wimple rhythm:

Gratitude: What are you thankful for?

Thought Dump: Unload your distractions, to-dos, negative thoughts...

Day's Priorities: Note your top three goals for your creative time.

Obstacles & Options: Quickly write down the obvious obstacles keeping you from your goals and follow up with three options for overcoming them today!

BE: Commit to working toward your goals for the day.

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