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Bartus & Toe Jam

The Oddventures of

Doughnuts, Dungarees & Disciples

Bartus is an awesome young dude with a faithful heart and an adventurous attitude. Toe Jam, an odd creature from another dimension, is learning the ropes of his new life in a small town with Bartus' guidance.


Today, however, is a big day. Bartus is about to be honored by the mayor, but things aren't going according to plan. How will Bartus and Toe Jam pull off the impossible and still make it to the big event? 

And did I mention Toe Jam is a weirdo?

Join the oddventure in this first book in the Bartus & Toe Jam series by R. J Dyson

"Stop licking that wall, Toe Jam!"

A Young Reader's Illustrated Novel

Age 8-12 / Grade 2-6

A silly book about disciple-making on adventure!

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